We are a young women's movement challenging the social exclusion, inequality and marginalization of young women in Zimbabwe. TESHE further defined T ranscending marginalization and exclusion E quality for all Young women S ustainable Livelihoods H ope for a brighter future E mpowerment in all spheres Our name” TESHE” IS derived from the Ndau dialect meaning Together. As young women we need each other if we are ever truly going to be empowered. TOGETHER, we can rise up and see a new country that truly empowers its young women. Our catch phrase as TESHE Young Women's Movement is TARAMBA KUSARA - WE WON'T BE LEFT OUT. We make no apologies for demanding improvement of our social and economic status.
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Official re-branding of Teshe Young Womens’s movement to RhoNaFlo Foundation

    Teshe Young Women’s Movement Trust will henceforth be known as RhoNaFlo Foundation effective June 1st 2018. Once the roll out is done and the website is complete, we will avail more information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email : rhonaflofoundation@gmail.com or info@rhonaflofoundation.org

TESHE’s PARTICIPANTS -Pilot Project: Linking economic independence and attainment of SRH Rights / Poultry Farming 2013 (Supported by HIVOS)

TESHE believes there is a link between a young woman having a sustainable livelihood and her enjoyment of her Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.  With support from HIVOS, TESHE was able to successfully train these young women. TESHE Facilitated: Business Capacity Building Training through the Zimbabwe Youth Council,  Poultry Farming training through Irvine’s upon which … Continue reading

Rights of An accused Person- What every young women must know (Supported by Urgent Action Fund Africa)

This laminated card was given out to sex workers and young women in Harare following Operation Zvanyanya. TESHE with the support of Urgent Action Fund Africa was able to host several legal clinics with a lawyer that TESHE has on retainer for emergencies and issues such as these. We encourage the young women to carry … Continue reading

TESHE at the Powering the African Dream Conference in Malawi September 2013

  TESHE YOUNG WOMEN’S MOVEMENT was invited to the Women Steering Innovative Leadership Conference in Malawi.  Our Director Chipo Tsitsi Mlambo was a speaker at the conference. We want to thank Urgent Action Fund Africa for the invitation.

TESHE Young Women’s Movement participates in the 16 Days of Activism 10km run in Harare

ODYSSEY FROM STUDENT TO SEX WORKER: Baseline Survey turned Documentary (Supported by YETT)

This Documentary was produced in 2011- It was a result of a Baseline Survey: Documenting The Experiences Of Women Engaging In Sex Work And Students At The University Of Zimbabwe Engaging In Transactional Sex: A Case Study Of Harare ( At the time TESHE was still operating under the name Youth Talk Zimbabwe Trust. ) … Continue reading


TESHE Director- Chipo Tsitsi Mlambo presented on the abuse of sex workers and young women following Operation Zvanyanya. The operation was sanctioned by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, randomly arresting sex workers and young women as they attempted to “cleanse” the streets. Operation Zvanyanya (It’s too much! ) Her presentation was captured by the Malawi National … Continue reading

TESHE interrogates young women’s participation in the economic sector

TESHE Young Women’s Movement in the month of June and July will be conducting research : Interrogating the accessibility of resources for young women in the context of economic empowerment- Agricultural sector. The agricultural sector contributes largely to our GDP in Zimbabwe and yet young women benefit and participate in the sector at the lower … Continue reading

What is empowerment?

As we begin 2013, I ask this question. Do we know what empowerment is? Its easy to assume that we are speaking merely about economic empowerment. Wikipedia definition: Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities. Google search definition: As a general definition, however, we suggest … Continue reading

Young Women in Zimbabwe and access to land

Zimbabwe is a country rich in resources with farming and mining among the ones with the highest GDPs, we all know that. As young women we, like everyone else need land, mines and enjoy what the land of Zimbabwe has to offer in our journey seeking economic empowerment. Unfortunately it seems the men and women … Continue reading