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Rights of An accused Person- What every young women must know (Supported by Urgent Action Fund Africa)

Rights of An accused Person

This laminated card was given out to sex workers and young women in Harare following Operation Zvanyanya. TESHE with the support of Urgent Action Fund Africa was able to host several legal clinics with a lawyer that TESHE has on retainer for emergencies and issues such as these.

We encourage the young women to carry it on their person, or take a picture of it for reference. We believe empowering them with their legal rights, knowing what course of action to take when they are arrested and having legal representation, will go a long way in curbing human rights abuses directed at them.

The codes that have been blacked out are known to only the sex workers that TESHE works with as they indicate the severity and nature of the call when they phone in.

This program is proudly supported by             urgentafrica

About teshemovement

We are a young women's movement challenging the social exclusion, inequality and marginalization of young women in Zimbabwe. TESHE further defined T ranscending marginalization and exclusion E quality for all Young women S ustainable Livelihoods H ope for a brighter future E mpowerment in all spheres Our name” TESHE” IS derived from the Ndau dialect meaning Together. As young women we need each other if we are ever truly going to be empowered. TOGETHER, we can rise up and see a new country that truly empowers its young women. Our catch phrase as TESHE Young Women's Movement is TARAMBA KUSARA - WE WON'T BE LEFT OUT. We make no apologies for demanding improvement of our social and economic status.


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