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ODYSSEY FROM STUDENT TO SEX WORKER: Baseline Survey turned Documentary (Supported by YETT)

This Documentary was produced in 2011- It was a result of a Baseline Survey:

Documenting The Experiences Of Women Engaging In Sex Work And Students At The University Of Zimbabwe Engaging In Transactional Sex: A Case Study Of Harare

( At the time TESHE was still operating under the name Youth Talk Zimbabwe Trust. )

The result was a documentary titled- Odyssey- From Student to Sex Worker.

Main outcome of the project: We recorded an outcry from sex workers about the brutality they face at the hands of the Police and lack of alternative means of a livelihood. We then used the DVD as a lobbying tool to encourage dialogue with relevant authorities to attempt to curb the prevalence of such instances and also interrogate alternative options of subsidizing their income.

Proudly supported by        yett

About teshemovement

We are a young women's movement challenging the social exclusion, inequality and marginalization of young women in Zimbabwe. TESHE further defined T ranscending marginalization and exclusion E quality for all Young women S ustainable Livelihoods H ope for a brighter future E mpowerment in all spheres Our name” TESHE” IS derived from the Ndau dialect meaning Together. As young women we need each other if we are ever truly going to be empowered. TOGETHER, we can rise up and see a new country that truly empowers its young women. Our catch phrase as TESHE Young Women's Movement is TARAMBA KUSARA - WE WON'T BE LEFT OUT. We make no apologies for demanding improvement of our social and economic status.


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