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Young Women in Zimbabwe and access to land

Zimbabwe is a country rich in resources with farming and mining among the ones with the highest GDPs, we all know that. As young women we, like everyone else need land, mines and enjoy what the land of Zimbabwe has to offer in our journey seeking economic empowerment. Unfortunately it seems the men and women do not believe we have the   capability to own land and manage it and yet women are the one’s that account for most of the labour in the field. What’s saddening is when a young woman desires land it becomes an opportunity to make money and have sex. Some of the reasons are lack of adequate information on the process of acquiring land or any other resource, non transparent systems that allow perpetrators to take advantage of the scenario among other reasons and the myth that the only way to get land is to succumb to advances with the men claiming to be the relevant authorities or “can make things happen” 

In 2013 young women lets work together, get our information right and spread it, demand our rights as young women and  citizens of Zimbabwe. and please for those who do have the information already do share!!  Taramba kusara!!


  • Land in Zimbabwe is free, u do not pay in order to get land, unless someone is selling to you their piece of land in which case they need to present offer letter to confirm ownership
  • You cannot own land without an offer letter with your name on it.

Will keep you posted on the process of land and mine claim acqusitions including the systems to go through. Information is power


written by Rumbidzai Mashavave

About teshemovement

We are a young women's movement challenging the social exclusion, inequality and marginalization of young women in Zimbabwe. TESHE further defined T ranscending marginalization and exclusion E quality for all Young women S ustainable Livelihoods H ope for a brighter future E mpowerment in all spheres Our name” TESHE” IS derived from the Ndau dialect meaning Together. As young women we need each other if we are ever truly going to be empowered. TOGETHER, we can rise up and see a new country that truly empowers its young women. Our catch phrase as TESHE Young Women's Movement is TARAMBA KUSARA - WE WON'T BE LEFT OUT. We make no apologies for demanding improvement of our social and economic status.


3 thoughts on “Young Women in Zimbabwe and access to land

  1. Land is a fundamental resource in the quest for development and economic emancipation. The question on land ownership has been distorted for generations within the family set up whereby men have total control to means of productions and pass on the property to their sons. Women have thus been relegated to mere labourers and not owners of the land. So this issue is just not political but has been a common practice since time immemorial. Whilst i applaud your stance Ms Mashavave research is critical to understand how women view this current status quo.

    Posted by Albert | January 10, 2013, 8:50 am
  2. this is a good programme

    Posted by senzeni | May 9, 2013, 11:13 am

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