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Some of the journals from the girls (Glen-View and Mabvuku/Tafara) (Names have been changed)

Case Study 1 Sifiso aged 21 resides in Harare, is an orphan and a single mother of 2 children aged 3 and 5. She struggles in trying to make ends meet. She sells vegetables at a nearby beer hall in her native Glen View which barely sustains her and her family. Her aspiration is to … Continue reading

Heart-wrenching journal entries

We bought all our girls in Glen View and Mabvuku journals and we got them back today.The stories are heart wrenching.Cases of GBV,lack of access to health services e.g. one young woman is 8months pregnant and has not seen a Dr once! Some don’t have id’s or birth certificates.stories of inheritance fraud and above all … Continue reading


http://www.globalpowerwomennetworkafrica.org/the-worlds-most-powerful-black-women-2012/ Inspiration at it’s best

Odyssey- From Student to Sex Worker

Our Ground Breaking documentary on the state of young female university students resorting to sex work to raise funds for food and accommodation. We also take a glimpse at the thriving sex work industry right in the heart of the Sunshine City- Harare

TESHE Young Women’s Inaugural Economic Summit – 2012

TESHE Young Women’s Movement successfully hosted the Inaugural Economic Summit for young women at the Zimbabwean German Society on July 13 2012. As TESHE we believe the first line of defense for young women in the pursuit of autonomy over our Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights is adequate economic empowerment.  Many times, young women have … Continue reading

Empowerment ..Where does it begin?

When we speak of empowerment,most people think $$$$.  Yes,its vital,but that’s not all it’s about. On October 27 2012, we took our Leadership from the Glenview and Mabvuku chapters on a drive on Folijon Crescent Glen Lorne( Home to the Zimbabwen elite) so they can imagine more than they are exposed to daily. TESHE is … Continue reading

Imagine a world…

Empowerment: Make the Choice to Be Happy

Originally posted on B. Due:
Stop the self-pity. Stop the blaming. Stop the justifying. We are not alone in our struggles; we all have them. We can look at our lives as, “Oh, poor me; I’m not where I should be.” We can blame everybody around us. We can justify why our life sucks by…

7 Quick Tips To Achieve Your Dreams In 2013

Believe in You

Originally posted on Cathrine McLaren:
Once she knows how to read there’s only one thing you can teach her to believe in and that is herself.” ~ Virginia Woolf This speaks to the power of books but also to the struggle for women to find ways to believe in themselves.  One of the most powerful tools…